is a project website with a focus on individual design and construction of Native Bee Hives and Hotels… also Photos, Information about Australian Native Bees and a news story thrown in around the place! ( Native Bee Hives / Woodworking / Craft )

Native Bee Club 6/5/2018 – Giorgio Venturieri

Giorgio Venturieri was guest speaker at the Brisbane Native Bee Keepers Club meeting for May 2018. Giorgio recently moved to Brisbane from Brazil and is very experienced with Native Bees and using them for pollination of local crops in Brazil. He described a major aspect of keeping Native Bees is that it makes people happy, bringing like minded people together to learn and share. Read More…

 Bee Yourself Workshop with Sarah and Dean

Sarah Hamilton from Bee Yourself Australia organised a Native Bee Workshop in Brisbane and invited Dean  demonstrate a couple of colony transfers and splits. There was great interest for the short notice event with 40 plus people attending. Read More…

Brisbane Native bee Keepers Club 08/04/2018

Ann Ross from Hive Haven described her journey from her first hive and through the development of the current Hive Haven product, version 9 – Read More…


Stingless Bee Workshop – Photos – 09/03/2018

Another enjoyable and always educational workshop run by Toby and Sugarbag Bees at the CREEC Environmental Centre Qld. These workshops are run on a regular basis, if you’re a newbie or experienced i’d recommend going as there’s always something new to learn. Read More….

Budding Kits – Build Page

This box design is intended for Budding – Soft Splits, Observation and normal splits. It also has a honey super section. Read More…

Update 14/02/2018Hive Duplication / Budding


Outhouse Version 2 – Build page


Rebated Cypress Observation Hive – Build

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Treasure Chests – Build Page 


New Octagonal Boxes…

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