is a project website with a focus on individual design and construction of Native Bee Hives and Hotels… also Photos, Information about Australian Native Bees and a news story thrown in around the place! (Native Bee Hives / Woodworking / Craft ? ) See hives available for sale in the shop page.
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Rebated Cypress OATH – Build Page

Treasure Chests – Build Page 

Pine, Cypress & Cedar Hive Boxes available now on the <<shop page>>

The Outhouse – Native Bee Hive – Build Page

This Native Bee Hive is placed inside the THECA building at Chapel Hill with the entrance hole drilled through the wall… <<Photos here>>

A collection of bee photos, Stingless Bees, Pests, Solitary Bees, Honey Bees – Bee Photo Gallery

Photos and info from the recent Bee Expo at Imbil Qld… , Bee Expo 2016 – Info and Photos

Want to start your bee garden? See the Plants for Bees Article

Australian Native Bee Hives – Design and Construction of Boxes  – Redcliffe Qld