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Bee Open Day 2018

Valley Bees held another excellent Bee Open Day at Imbil Qld Aus. It’s an expo for all bees, Honey Bees and Native Bees. They also attract a few other regular market sellers. I went along, stalked and chatted to a few people about their weird and wonderful products Read more…


Above: Quick video from the Bee Open Day at Imbil. More detailed photos and article to come.


Macro Photography Tips

Macro photography can be very challenging. You need patience, and the only way to get the shots you want is to practice. Besides patience and practice, I’ve found over the years that good light really makes the photo.. Click to read the article

New OATHs with a fitted lid

A sneak peak at some boxes I’ve been working on .. Read More…

Skep – Made with Sisal Rope

In 2016 I read social media post about an old Skep on the Gold Coast being used to house Native Bees. It was around 60 – 80 years old and recently I had the opportunity to visit that property and see it in person. Read More…

Budding Kits – Build Page

This box design is intended for Budding – Soft Splits, Observation and normal splits. It also has a honey super section. Read More…


Outhouse Version 2 – Build page

Australian Native Bee Hives – Design and Construction of Boxes  – Redcliffe Qld