is a project website with a focus on individual design and construction of Native Bee Hives and Hotels. Through the site I show some different designs and general construction ideas.

Update 21/08/16 Rebated Cedar and Pine Boxes…

Update 07/08/2016: Treasure Chest Build Page….

Update 30/07/2016: Some more Log Cabin Bee Hives….

Below: Uncoated Box

Update 9/5/2016 – Red Mailbox Hive – Build Page….

Update 2/5/2016 – new Solitary Bee Hotels build page

Update 12/03/2016 – Rebated & Pegged

Update 20/02/2016 – Layered Cypress Hive build page

View the OATH Construction Plans

Click to see all the designs – Solitary Bee Hotels

Update 25/01/2016 – South American Inspired

Australian Native Bee Hives – Design and Construction of Boxes  – Redcliffe Qld