is a project website with a focus on individual design and construction of Native Bee Hives and Hotels… also Photos, Information about Australian Native Bees and a news story thrown in around the place! ( Native Bee Hives / Woodworking / Craft ). See more frequent and candid updates on Instagram: @nativebeehives

Field Trip – ANBC2018

The day started with a Native Bee Hive Box Exhibition at the house of Gene Rosser. The Gold Coast Botanical Gardens land was originally owned by the Rosser family and donated to the council. Click to read more…


Australian Native Bee Conference

The first Australian Native Bee Conference was held on the Gold Coast – Queensland 1st July 2018. This event was sold out with the “who’s who” of the native bee world attending. Click to read the article


Cottage Roofs – Available on the shop page

Budding Kits – Build Page

This box design is intended for Budding – Soft Splits, Observation and normal splits. It also has a honey super section. Read More…


Outhouse Version 2 – Build page

Rebated Cypress Observation Hive – Build

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  1. FAQs – information about bees to get you started
  2. Info – articles with information about Native Bee keeping
  3. Project Blog – Build articles for different kinds of boxes
  4. Shop – Completely finished boxes available to purchase

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