is a project website with a focus on individual design and construction of Native Bee Hives and Hotels… also Photos, Information about Australian Native Bees and a news story thrown in around the place! ( Native Bee Hives / Woodworking / Craft )


Cottage Roofs – Available on the shop page

Budding Kits – Build Page

This box design is intended for Budding – Soft Splits, Observation and normal splits. It also has a honey super section. Read More…


Outhouse Version 2 – Build page

Rebated Cypress Observation Hive – Build

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Check out these sections for more information:

  1. FAQs – information about bees to get you started
  2. Info – articles with information about Native Bee keeping
  3. Project Blog – Build articles for different kinds of boxes
  4. Shop – Completely finished boxes available to purchase


Treasure Chests – Build Page 


New Octagonal Boxes…

Australian Native Bee Hives – Design and Construction of Boxes  – Redcliffe Qld