Brood Supports

Under continuous development

Update 2018 – I’m still doing them the same as below but am just gluing them and no longer putting screws in. I figure the glue holds them well and the screws may not be necessary. I think the idea of good design is to keep things simple.

Update 2017 – I’m making the brood support bars 10mm thick x 30mm wide and am just routing a 11mm deep section from the inside edge so the bars sit 1mm lower than the surface. These are glued and screwed in.

Update – 2016 – I think I have the cypress brood supports a lot neater and simpler now. I’ve made them wider and thicker than previous designs. 10mm thick x 30mm wide.

2015 – Below – first try at retro fitting the Cypress Brood Supports

Below, Aluminium Support Bars

2014 – Below – My first Galvanised Strips