steve_avatarworkshed2b is a project website with a focus on individual design and construction of Native Bee Hives and Hotels, Lots of Photos, Information about Australian Native Bees and also a news story thrown in around the place!

If you’re interested in getting in to Native Bees, looking to buy an empty box for splitting or wanting to build your own,  hopefully you will find the site to be interesting and useful. I’m adding more info all the time so check back to see updates.

I make hive boxes for myself and always have some extra empty boxes that are available for sale on the Buy a Hive Box page. Postage to eastern state areas, eg. Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns or free pick up from Clontarf Qld. If you’re interested in a box that may not be on the shop page send me a message and I can let you know if it’s available.

I’m always interested to see what people are up to with their bees and box designs. Any suggestions for the site or feedback is welcome.

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All photos on this site are taken by myself and have an automatic copyright.