OATH Honey Tray Box

These are slim honey tray frames that sit on top of the standard OATH design. There’s two frames and also the top lid with a similar shallow depth make it three frames for collecting honey. These three sections replace the standard honey super. The idea is to have a shallow area where the bees will construct single layers, or multiple layers of honey pots and they will be easier to harvest honey from. The system probably isn’t perfect and as with most things in stingless bee boxes, it may need some tweaking and that can take years.


These honey tray frames are of similar design to Nick Powells and also Doug Irvines frames. The trays could sit on top of anyones existing OATH box, just remove the honey super and put these on.


These are the first ones I’ve made and will get some bees in to the box to see how they work.


To keep with the same standard frame thickness and have different depths for the honey trays I’ve added extra layers of plywood to reduce the depth inside. (pictured up-side-down)


Below: The left frame has a 14mm depth, the middle frame 19mm depth and the right frame which is the top lid has no plywood inserted and is 23mm depth. So there’s a range to experiment with. This could be a set on top of one hive and you might see different results in each frame.




Below: Doug Irvine’s boxes and also his custom made spinner at the 2018 Bee Expo.


Some of Nick Powells observations:

  • The top super will be used for resin storage
  • The honey pots will have a stronger connection to a surface at the top of a honey pot and a weaker connection at the bottom
  • 24mm frames ( I’ve made a few different depth frames just to see what happens)

Below – Update 06/11/2018 – Finally i’ve had the opportunity to add the frames to a box full of bees. I’ll check the progress every now and then.