Pollination Box

I recently purchased a new Pollination Box sold by Sugarbag Bees because i was interested in the design of the box. This box is designed with the purpose for crop pollination on farms. It’s a PVC construction and has no honey super top frame so isn’t intended for honey extraction.


lets get some bees in!!!

Below: 20/07/2018 – Establishing bees in the bottom box. I’ve split one of my hives and used just the new empty white pollination bottom box. Later I’ll split this and put the white matching box on top to complete it.


Below; 06/11/2018 – The photo below shows the progress roughly three months after the split. The brood is going well. Front of the box with the entry hole is at the left of the photo, showing plenty of stores, the back of the box on the right is still empty.


Below: 10/01/2019 – I opened the box up to reveal plenty of brood and resources. This is roughly four months from the start.

Caution: Normal splitting times are 12 months. I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing a split that quickly unless you’re confident in what you’re doing. I normally do splits after 12 months and am pushing it a bit here. The hives in my area have a great amount of resources and develop quickly. I’ll be monitoring this closely and if i see a decline i can add brood and resources.

A lot of the brood stayed together in the top section so i transfered some to the lower box and added the other half of the SugarBag Bees Pollination box.


I placed the Pollination box back in the same position to collect the thousands of forager bees which will add to the colony strength.


To be continued…