Budding Kit


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Budding Box – Does not include bees

  • for Budding – Soft Splits
  • Normal Splits
  • Honey Collection
  • Observation
  • Lid – Fits on any of the lower boxes
  • Top Box – Honey Super – 70mm deep – Has clear acrylic window for observation
  • Middle Frame – Top Brood Section – has honey super separator plate and removable section to seal or open access to the honey super
  • Bottom Brood Box – 1 front entry hole, 1 rear entry hole for connecting the original hive box to for budding
  •  35mm Cypress for all boxes, the top lid is Pine and completely painted.
  • Galvanised screws
  • Honey Super – 70mm deep
  • Painted Pale Yellow to match up with other popular OATHs
  • Includes – brood support bars, honey super separator plate, front landing pad, feet
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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 28 x 20 x 30 cm